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CVPR 2024 | Nexdata meets you in Seattle

From:Nexdata Date: 2024-06-20

The annual International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2024) will be held in Seattle, USA. Nexdata will once again appear at this industry event on June 19 with the latest data solutions in four application areas: intelligent driving, large models, pedestrian re-identification (Re-ID), and liveness detection.

Nexdata looks forward to meeting you at booth 1498 at the Seattle Convention Center.

As the top conference in the field of computer vision, CVPR attracts top talents and companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning from all over the world to attend the conference every year. As the world's leading data service provider and sponsor of this event, Nexdata hopes to bring its latest industry insights and data solutions while discussing the latest technologies and applications of computer vision with all parties.

At this exhibition, Nexdata will mainly showcase our latest data solutions in the following four areas.
Intelligent driving: including intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving AI data solutions. In terms of intelligent cockpit, it includes customized services for human visual data of drivers and passengers to support visual perception in the cabin, accurately identify and analyze the identity information, intentions and behaviors of drivers and passengers. In terms of intelligent driving, we provide multi-sensor data acquisition services, supporting 2D, 3D, 2D-3D fusion data annotation, and 4D point cloud annotation. Among them, 3D perception point cloud tracking and point cloud segmentation support 200,000 frames of tracking tasks per month for a single project.

Large model: including multi-modal finished data sets, finished data sets such as command fine-tuning (SFT) question-answer pair data sets, RM data tuning and annotation services, etc. Among them, in terms of multimodality, Nexdata supports multi-channel acquisition tools and data synchronization technology for voice, video and text, integrates multi-dimensional data, and provides efficient and high-quality multimodal data for AI algorithms.

Pedestrian Re-ID (Re-ID): various 2D, 3D face and body recognition data sets and customized services, etc. Supports the annotation of various behavioral recognition data such as facial expressions, facial key points, human attributes, human movements, and human key points.

Liveness detection: various 2D, 3D liveness detection data and customized services, etc. Supports customized collection and annotation of 2D, 3D liveness detection and voiceprint recognition voice data of various skin colors and different age groups, effectively improving the accuracy of identity authentication models.

Remember to come to booth 1498 on the fourth floor of the Seattle Convention Center to communicate with us, we have also prepared customized coffee cups and eco-friendly handbags as small gifts. Everyone is welcome to come to the booth to participate in the interaction and receive them!

In addition, we have also prepared free training data sets worth millions of dollars for non-commercial organizations such as universities and academic institutions around the world, including computer vision and speech recognition, to continue to support global artificial intelligence academic research.

If you need to consult or discuss issues, please leave a message on the official website and our experts will answer you on the spot.

Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!