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155 Hours - Lip Sync Multimodal Video Data

lip language video data
Lip Sync Data
Multimodal Video Data
Video Data

Voice and matching lip language video filmed with 249 people by multi-devices simultaneously, aligned precisely by pulse signal, with high accuracy. It can be used in multi-modal learning algorithms research in speech and image fields.

Paid Datasets
This is a paid datasets for commercial use, research purpose and more. Licensed ready made datasets help jump-start AI projects.
Video: mp4 format, 1,280*720, Audio: wav format, 16HZ, 16bit  mono
Recording Environment
Using quiet sunny room to stimulate daytime outdoor driving scenes,Signal to noise ratio 25~20dB
Recording Scenes
divide to big scenes and sub scenes by different intense of sunlight
Recording Content
Short signals and spoken sentences
249 Chinese, balance for gender
Recording Device
Camera, HD microphone, Audio board
Recording angle
Recording videos of front face, single side face, looking up, looking down, side face looking down and side face looking up all 6 different angles, and proximal and distant audio at the same time
Application scenario
Lip Language recognization
Accuracy of sentence should not below 95%
Sample Sample
Recommended DatasetsRecommended Dataset
531 Hours - In-Car Noise Data by Microphone and Mobile Phone

531 hours of noise data in in-car scene. It contains various vehicle models, road types, vehicle speed and car windoe close/open condition. Six recording points are placed to record the noise situation at different positions in the vehicle and accurately match the vehicle noise modeling requirements.

Microphone handset collects vehicle noise data vehicle noise data collection vehicle noise vehicle noise data
245 Hours - Mandarin Chinese(China) In Car Scripted Monologue Smartphone speech dataset

Mandarin Chinese(China) In Car Scripted Monologue Smartphone speech dataset, collected from monologue based on given scripts, covering short message, news, 30+ customer consulting doamins, recorded in car. Transcribed with text content and other attributes. Our dataset was collected from extensive and diversify speakers( 695 people), geographicly speaking, enhancing model performance in real and complex tasks.rnQuality tested by various AI companies. We strictly adhere to data protection regulations and privacy standards, ensuring the maintenance of user privacy and legal rights throughout the data collection, storage, and usage processes, our datasets are all GDPR, CCPA, PIPL complied.

Car voice data mandarin voice data voice data scripted speech data
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