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Nexdata Professional Recording Studio

Professional Recording Studio

Our recording studio meets the NR15 acoustic standard and has been tested by the Tsinghua University Architectural Environment Testing Center. The reverberation time is less than 0.1 seconds and the background noise is less than 20dB(A). It's equipped with a vocal condenser microphone, Mackie Big Knob monitoring equipment, and Apollo sound card, it supports 8-channel input, and the recording quality is controlled by professional linguists.

Sample Voice Corpus

Nexdata has a vast collection of voice sample corpus and supports individual requirements of multiple domains such as finance, securities, weather, sports, public transportation, tourism, and songs.

  • Alex

    Male, English(United States), Nature

  • Lily

    Female, English(Australia), Formal

  • Ella

    Female, English(New Zealand),

  • Pablo

    Male, Spanish(Mexico), Calm

  • Selena

    Female, Spanish, Cordial

  • Jules

    Female, French(Canada), Formal

  • Tess

    Female, Dutch, Formal

  • Dirk

    Male, Dutch, Deeptone

  • Aurora

    Female, Italian, Nature

  • Dario

    Male, Italian, Deeptone

  • Yuna

    Female, Japanese, Cordial

  • Hinata

    Male, Japanese, Cordial

Types Of Speech Synthesis Data

Nexdata provides multi-language, multi-timbre, multi-domain and multi-style speech synthesis data collection, and provide data annotation with word accuracy of 99.5% and phoneme segmentation of 0.01s.

Multilingual speech synthesis data

Multilingual speech synthesis data

Multi-tone speech synthesis data

Multi-tone speech synthesis data

Prosodic Annotation

Prosodic Annotation

Part-of-speech tagging

Part-of-speech tagging

Phoneme Segmentation Annotation

Phoneme Segmentation Annotation

Speech Synthesis Data Quality
and Security Management

Professional Equipment


Professional recording

Rich Resources

Rich Resources

Massive voice sample

Quality Inspection


Multi-round quality
inspection process

Safe Implementation


NDA Guaranteed, Data
destroyed upon delivery

ISO9001 Certification


High Quality with ISO9001
Certified Process



Obtained ISO27701,
ISO27001 certification

Nexdata also provides off-the-shelf datasets
for rapid AI model optimization.