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Sharpen Your AI with Better Data

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Autonomous Vehicles

From in-cabin voice intraction, DMS/OMS data collection and annotation, to ground truth data processing, Nexdata's high-quality training data empowers customers elevate the adancement of autonomous vehicle technology, creating a safer driving experience.

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Conversational AI

Nexdata owns 200,000 hours of speech data and provides tailored data solution to meet customers' diverse requirements. We are compliant with security regulations and all the data is collected with consent.

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Smart Home

Nexdata provides multi-type, multi-scene and multimodal data solutions for smart home scenerios, enhancing the communication skills of smart home products.

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Games & Entertainment

Nexdata has 50,000 ID human face and body datasets and supports large volume data collection and annotation for game and entertainment scenerio.

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Nexdata has rich experience in providing data services such as object detection, semantic segmentation, object behavior recognition, etc., enabling AI models improve customers’ shopping experience.

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Intelligent Healthcare

Nexdata help customers collect and annotate various type of medical data, enabling AI models to automatically classify and identify patients' conditions or diseases.

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Autonomous Vehicles Data Solution Conversational AI Data Solution Smart Home Data Solution Smart Entertainment Data Solution New Retail Data Solution Intelligent Healthcare Data Solution

Quality at Nexdata

Intelligent Automatic Inspection

Built-in automatic inspection system facilitates seamless collaboration between humans and machines, effectively saving you both time and costs.

Multi-Level Inspection

Nexdata ensures data quality through three rounds of quality assurance: collector/annotator self-inspection, project manager inspection and QA department inspection.

ISO9001 Certification

Data quality is our priority. Nexdata has obtained the ISO9001 quality management certification.

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Why Nexdata

  • High Quality

    Multi-level quality inspections ensure high quality output, certified with ISO9001 quality management certification.

  • Efficiency

    Support human-machine interaction and semi-automatic labeling, increasing labeling efficency by over 30% per annotator.

  • Compliance

    We are fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations and secure all the data shared with us.

  • Security

    Prioritize the highest level of data security with a comprehensive security pipeline covering data collection, customized services and data platform.

TechAD Europe 2024

TechAD Europe 2024

Empowering Retail and E-commerce through AI with OCR Data

Empowering Retail and E-commerce through AI with OCR Data

Advancements in Text-to-Speech Data: Redefining Human-Machine Interaction

Advancements in Text-to-Speech Data: Redefining Human-Machine Interaction

Driving Automotive Innovation: Advancing Multilingual Speech Recognition

Driving Automotive Innovation: Advancing Multilingual Speech Recognition