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About Nexdata

About Us

Sharpen Your AI with Better Data

Nexdata provides top-notch training data solutions and serves as your reliable partner. With an extensive array of off-the-shelf datasets and flexible data collection and annotation services, our mission revolves around unleashing AI's full potential and expediting the AI industry's growth.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of AI. At Nexdata, we deliver high-quality data solutions to clients in various industries, including automotive, retail, finance, high-tech, and others, allowing their AI initiatives to thrive and benefit humanity.

Professional Team

Our Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Our data scientists have academic background in speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, human-computer interaction and other related AI fields and rich experience in R&D industry.


Our linguistics team has extensive expertise in providing annotation and analysis services and provides optimal support for large-scale projects or personalized data solutions.

Our Linguist
Our Resource Expansion Team

Resource Expansion

Our resource development team supports rapid project adjustment and flexible resource allocation to meet your large-scale and high-quality data requirements.

Project Manager

Our project manger has 10+ years experience in designing and managing complex data labeling task.

Our Project Manager

Why Nexdata

One-stop data service

Rich Off-the-shelf datasets, personalized data customization services, AI assisted data labeling tools, and one-stop solutions to AI data problems.

Data Quality Management System

We ensure High quality data through intelligent self-inspection, multiple rounds of quality inspection, and ISO9001 quality management certification.

Rich Annotation Tools

30 sets of mature annotation tools, fully covering voice, image video, 3D point cloud and text data annotation requirements.

Business Security and Compliance

It has passed ISO27001/ISO27701 information security and privacy protection certification, and complies with the Personal Information Protection Law and GDPR.

AI-assisted Pre-recognition

AI-assisted pre-identification enables human-computer interaction for semi-automatic labeling, increasing annotator efficiency by over 30%.

Sharpen Your AI with Better Data

About us - Nexdata