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200,955 Sentences - Mandarin Prosodic Corpus Data

Prosodic annotation of Chinese text
prosodic corpus of Chinese text
news prosodic annotation

4 prosodic hierarchies annotating for the 200000 carefully selected Chinese texts which involve news and colloquial sentences. The sentence length is appropriate with diversified sentence patterns. This can be used as a TTS front-end prosody prediction training data set.

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Data content
prosodic annotation for 200,955 selected Chinese sentences
Data scale
200,955 sentences
Data source
all the text comes from the news and human conversation
4 prosodic hierarchies annotating
Application scenarios
speech synthesis
not lower than 99%
Sample Sample
  • 200,955 Sentences - Mandarin Prosodic Corpus Data
Recommended DatasetsRecommended Dataset
200,475 Sentences - Chinese Text Normalization Data

200,475 Sentences - Chinese Text Normalization Data. Annotate the special symbols and Arabic numerals in the sentences as Chinese characters.

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319,977 Sentences - Mandarin Polyphone Corpus Data

The Mandarin Polyphone Corpus Data is designed for polyphone disambiguation. It includes 603 common Mandarin pinyin pronunciations, There are differences in the number of phonetic corpora according to the number of phrases in a single word.

Chinese Polysyllabic Corpus Chinese polyphone corpus Chinese corpus
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