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10,114 People Multi-view Tracking Data

human body tracking

This data is a multi-view tracking data of 10,114 people in surveillance scenes. Surveillance scenes includes indoor and outdoor scenes. The data includes men and women of different ages. In terms of annotation, the human body bounding boxes, human body + riding object bounding boxes, and 21 human body attributes of tracking objects were annotated. This data can be used for human body multi-view tracking, Re-ID and other tasks.

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Data size
10,114 people
Population distribution
gender distribution: 4,198 males, 5,916 females; age distribution: children(838 people), students(1,197 people), the youth(5,336 people), middle age (2,363 people), the old (378 people), unsure(2 people)
Collection environment
surveillance scenes, including indoor scenes and outdoor scenes
Collection diversity
different light conditions, different scenes, different routes
Collection device
surveillance camera; photographic angles: looking down angle
Collection time
day, sunset
Image parameters
resolution:1,920x1,080, format: .jpg
rectangular bounding boxes of human body; rectangular bounding boxes of human body + riding object; 21 human body attributes
annotation accuracy of rectangular bounding boxes is over 95%; annotation accuracy of human body attributes is over 95%
Sample Sample
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4,001 People Single Object Multi-view Tracking Data

4,001 People Single Object Multi-view Tracking Data, the data collection site includes indoor and outdoor scenes (such as supermarket, mall and community, etc.) , where each subject appeared in at least 7 cameras. The data diversity includes different ages, different time periods, different cameras, different human body orientations and postures, different collecting scenes. It can be used for computer vision tasks such as object detection and object tracking in multi-view scenes.

Multi-view tracking Surveillance scenes Human body Multiple scenes
212 People – 48,000 Images of Multi-person and Multi-view Tracking Data

212 People – 48,000 Images of Multi-person and Multi-view Tracking Data. The data includes males and females, and the age distribution is from children to the elderly. The data diversity includes different age groups, different shooting angles, different human body orientations and postures. For annotation, we adpoted rectangular bounding boxes annotations on human body. This dataset can be used for multiple object tracking and other tasks.

multiple object tracking surveillance scene human body detection security data smart security data
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