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Case Study about Speech Data Collection

From:Nexdata Date:2024-04-02

The client has excelled in the field of voice-related context awareness/dialogue middleware engine and voice handler for an automotive industry. Their efforts to provide voice recognition and conversational natural dialogue engine for automobiles and digital devices will revolutionize the way we communicate with man-made machines.


The client has a new innovative patented engine which means they need the support of hundreds of hours of speech data collection in various languages and locations around the world of all possible terms, accents, phrases that would be used to communicate in the vehicle.


In order to provide high-quality speech data, Nexdata visited 11 countries with our expert linguists to record over 30,000 colloquial sentences.


We deliver the required utterances in 11 languages within stringent timelines and with the required quality with sentence accuracy rate of 97%. The client’s models able to understand multiple languages and truely changing the way we drive and live.