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Why do virtual assistants accurately answer these types of open-ended questions every time?

From:Nexdata Date:2024-04-02

Hi, Siri. What time does the nearest mall close? Why do virtual assistants accurately answer these types of open-ended questions every time?


Machine training uses various accurately annotated audio files to extract complex information related to human speech, such as accent, intonation, dialect, and pronunciation. And can accurately classify this audio to recognize, understand and respond appropriately to the question, emotion, and intent.


Accomplishing such processing requires diverse annotations of crucial information, such as semantics and phonology in audio files.


Data shows that the NLP market is expected to grow 14 times by 2025 compared to 2017.


In recent years, the role of audio annotation has been widely used in various industries.

For instance, intelligent speakers are prevalent, and almost every household has a virtual assistant. Another is chatbots, for example, are an essential part of customer business activities and other activities. Annotation audio helps chatbots significantly improve the quality of service for companies.


nexdata has been committed to audio, video, image, and more than 5000 companies approve other data collection and annotation services, and our data solutions. We always focus on providing reasonable voice data solutions for customers in various industries, such as home, call center, conference, in-cabin, social media, healthcare, Etc.



Why choose us?

We always strive to take the lead in making AI training easier. Here’s the reason why we could achieve this goal!


· Over 200,000 hours of speech recognition data, 800TB of image data, and about 2 billion pieces of natural language processing data help you attain the highest level of the performance efficiently.


· Our “Human-in-the-loop” intelligent data processing supports human-machine interaction and semi-automatic labeling has successfully increasing the labeling efficiency to nearly 5,000 projects.


· Our data labeling platform has equipped with 28 sets of annotation templates combine with the pre-recognition engine has always been tested and trusted by global AI companies.


· Our complete data security compliance management plan to fully protect the rights and interests of customers.