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How AI Is Making Your Car Smarter

From:Datatang Date:2022-03-25

Your next car may not be a self-driving car, but it contains a lot of AI technology you may not have noticed. Let’s take a look at what AI technologies may your car have.

Safe Driving

The camera is like the eyes of a car, and the AI system behind it is the brain. The two sides cooperate to monitor whether the driver is distracted, drunk driving, or fatigue driving. At present, the camera has been widely used in commercial vehicles and trucks. The same technology has also been applied to private vehicles to monitor abnormal situations in vehicles and keep safety of girlfriends, children and pets.

For example, locking children or pets alone in a car for extended periods of time is dangerous and very wrong, possibly causing them to die from heat stroke. AI cameras can help us by making alarms and even taking countermeasures in a timely manner in various ways.

Driving Experience

In the car, not only safety should be considered, but also comfort. AI technologies, such as gesture recognition and voice recognition to control in-car navigation and entertainment and other functions, improves driving experience.

Car Maintenance

Current AI can even help diagnose and predict the “health” of the vehicle itself. The sensors in the car have collected a lot of data, which helps identify signals for prediction and maintenance. AI can not only heal the injured body, it also maintain the “mental” health of the vehicle. For example, the use of AI technology to detect software anomalies and prevent network security attacks has become a major trend.

As a world’s AI training data services provider, Datatang has been adhering to the corporate vision of “empowering AI with data and changing the world with intelligence” for many years. Datatang has developed 65,000 hours speech datasets for in-vehicle voice interaction and 100+ image datasets for visual perception and provides tailored data processing services, which helps the intelligent transformation of the automotive industry.

Voice Interaction

American English Natural Dialogue Speech Data

American English speakers participated in the recording and conducted face-to-face communication in a natural way. They had free discussion on a number of given topics, with a wide range of fields; the voice was natural and fluent, in line with the actual dialogue scene.

German Speech Data by Mobile Phone

German audio data captured by mobile phone, 1,796 hours in total, recorded by German native speakers. The recorded text is designed by linguistic experts, covering generic, interactive, on-board, home and other categories.

Mixed Speech with Korean and English Data by Mobile Phone

The data is recorded by Korean native speakers. The recorded text is a mixture of Korean and English sentences, covering general scenes and human-computer interaction scenes.

American English Speech Synthesis Corpus-Female

The corpus is recorded by American English native speakers, with authentic accent and sweet sound. The phonemes and tones are balanced and professional phonetician participates in the annotation.

Visual Perception

Multi-race and Multi-pose Face Images Data

This data includes Asian race, Caucasian race, black race, brown race and Indians. Each subject were collected 29 images under different scenes and light conditions.

3D Faces Collection Data

The data is collected from 1,078 Chinese people. Each subject was collected once a week, 6 times in total, so the time span is 6 weeks.

Driver Behavior Collection Data

The data includes multiple ages and multiple time periods. The driver behaviors includes dangerous behavior, fatigue behavior and visual movement behavior.


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