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How To Upgrade Customer Service with Text To Speech

From:Nexdata Date: 2024-04-07

According to iiMedia Research, China’s intelligent customer service has ushered in rapid growth. China’s AI market is expected to reach 1 trillion Yuan in 2030, with an average annual growth rate of 33.3%. Among them, intelligent customer service, as an important branch of enterprise artificial intelligence applications, is conservatively estimated to account for 20%.

As one of the most mature applications of artificial intelligence commercialization, intelligent customer service has derived intelligent outbound call robots to replace manual labor for large-scale outbound call collection. The intelligent outbound call robots use technologies such as speech synthesis, semantic recognition, and human-machine dialogue, and now it can reach the real customer service’s speech, tone, emotion, and speech speed.

Smart Collection: During loan collection, the intelligent outbound call robot can make tens of thousands of calls per day on average, greatly reducing the pressure on manual agents.

Precision Marketing: Use intelligent outbound robots to make calls to customer groups in batches, and automatically screen out the intended target customers based on customer call information.

The early intelligent customer service developed by TTS technology is the broadcasting style, the sound quality is “mechanical”, the timbre loss is large, the speech rate is not smooth and natural, and it cannot be highly anthropomorphic. However, with the rapid development of speech synthesis technology, the market has increasingly high requirements for more simulated and pleasant sounds. Different from traditional speech synthesis, personalized synthesized speech is natural and vivid, with emotional expressiveness, which enriches our communication methods.

The synthesis library based on natural dialogue style recording allows the machine to simulate the speech habits of human, such as pause, speed change, hesitation, etc., and retain the subtle tone expression in the natural recording data, so that the synthesis effect is more in line with people’s daily speaking habits. This requires collecting the voice of the speaker speaking in a natural state. The entire recording process needs to be continuous and uninterrupted, and the tone relationship between sentences should be preserved.

Xiaomi launched the super anthropomorphic technology in 2021, which can realize the generation of arbitrary text with a particularly human-like voice. In terms of intonation, intonation, sentence segmentation, etc., it is no different from people’s daily speaking habits. Xiaomi said that “super anthropomorphic technology”, as the most human-like AI voice in history, perfectly reproduces the habits of people’s daily speech volume, speed, rhythm and even subtle tone of voice, and truly achieves super human-likeness.

In order to meet the needs of speech synthesis technology in intelligent customer service scenarios, Nexdata provides customers with multi-timbral, multi-language, high-quality training data based on massive voice and text data annotation experience and leading speech synthesis technology.

Chinese Mandarin Synthesis Corpus-Female, Customer Service

The corpus is recorded by Chinese native speaker, with lively and friendly voice. The phonemes and tones are balanced and professional phonetician participates in the annotation.

Chinese Mandarin Average Tone Speech Synthesis Corpus, General

The corpus is recorded by Chinese native speaker. It covers news, dialogue, audio books, poetry, advertising, news broadcasting, entertainment and etc. The phonemes and tones are balanced and professional phonetician participates in the annotation.

Chinese Mandarin Synthesis Corpus-Male, Customer Service

The corpus is recorded by Chinese native speaker, the voice of the full of magnetism. The phonemes and tones are balanced and professional phonetician participates in the annotation.

Chinese-English Mixed Average Tone Speech Synthesis Corpus-Customer Service

It is recorded by Chinese native speakers, customer service text, and the syllables, phonemes and tones are balanced. Professional phonetician participates in the annotation.


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