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Case study for emotion data annotation

From:Nexdata Date:2024-04-02

Company Description

Through computer vision and machine learning technology, the company enables brands and platforms to optimize their content and drive business results by observing attendees' attention and emotions as they view videos online.

In order to accurately interpret people's reactions to ad videos, the company develops and optimizes its machine learning algorithms, enabling clients to engage viewers with emotion, thereby adapting and optimizing higher quality ad videos.



1. It was important to expand the diversity of the product as it faced a diverse cultural population

2. Customer data has to be kept secure during the process

3. As the customer base expands, the ability to deliver is also important for performance

4. Different levels of emotional understanding and different results are obtained



With Nexdata's AI annotation platform, effective ai data collection, analysis and ai data annotation service is one of the criteria to enhance the scalability and always ensure the quality of the data output.


Our Human-in-the-loop” intelligent ai data service technology realizes the human-machine interaction semi-automatic labeling pipelines and creates up to 3-4 times efficiency improvement. It has successfully been applied to nearly 5,000 projects.

Our data annotation services platform has equipped with 28 sets of annotation templates and multiple built-in automatic labeling tools.It is made to meet all types of annotation requirements.


Nexdata has a complete data security compliance management plan in ai data collection, customized services, and ai data annotation platform to fully protect the rights and interests of our customers. Our customers could use our data products and services with confidence.



By working with Nexdata's ai annotation services, the company's data delivery time was compressed from the original six-month cycle to just one month. The accuracy rate remained at a maximum of 99%, and the high quality of data and the fast delivery capability were what Nexdata always insisted on.

The company has since been able to expand its business quickly to various countries around the world through Nexdata's data collection and annotation, and has always maintained an efficient and diverse cultural adjustment to help brands continuously improve their optimization capabilities from the customer's point of view, quickly seizing market opportunities and bringing great convenience to global customers.