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Enhancing Multilingual Speech Recognition in the Automotive Industry with Data Localization

From:Nexdata Date:2024-04-01


The company faced the challenge of developing over 20 types of multilingual speech recognition data to address the growing needs of the automotive industry. In-cabin voice recognition systems remained a major concern for vehicle owners, and localization of in-vehicle systems posed significant complexities due to multiple languages and diverse driving scenarios.



As an experienced automotive solution provider, we offered comprehensive services for localized data collection, testing, and validation. Our professional team collaborated directly with automotive engineering teams to implement optimized solutions for high-quality training data in all target languages. Leveraging our rich resources, we recruited native speakers to record diverse environmental languages, ensuring both quantity and quality of data. Additionally, our professional TTS service provided evaluation and improvement for speech accuracy and naturalness in driver command scenarios.



Through our efficient collaboration and extensive experience, the car manufacturer's team focused on enhancing system development, benefiting from our robust data collection and annotation capabilities. Our solution enabled them to advance their multilingual speech recognition system development, seizing new market opportunities.