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Nexdata Winter Promotion for Ready Made Datasets has begun!

From:Nexdata Date:2023-12-08

As an artificial intelligence data service company, Nexdata has continuously accumulated 200,000 hours of speech datasets, 800TB computer vision datasets, 2 billion text datasets, etc. The data quality has been tested by the world's leading AI companies, and has successfully helped customers improve the performance of AI models. We have carefully compiled a series of popular ready made product datasets to meet the intelligent needs of multiple scenarios such as conversational AI, autonomous vehicles, smart home, and new retail.


During the winter promotion event, all ready made datasets are discounted and can be delivered in seconds!


Conversation speech ready made datasets


Natural conversation speech datasets


Nexdata currently has 100,000 hours of natural conversation speech datasets, covering more than 100 languages such as Chinese, English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, etc. There is no preset corpus, and the speaker can freely use it according to the topic, which is beyond ordinary Data quality requirements can effectively improve the accuracy of customer speech recognition models.


Customer service datasets


Nexdata currently has 20,000 hours of customer service voice data set, covering more than 10 languages such as English, French, German, and Swedish, with a variety of accent habits and characteristics. The content covers multiple fields and fits the habits of real customer service scenarios.Nexdata uses professional collection equipment to restore the dialogue scenes between customers and customer service, and records through the telephone recording system, with 8kHz, 16bit, wav and other formats. The authenticity of the data is extremely high.Voice includes scenarios such as incoming customer calls and outbound customer service calls, and the content covers all fields such as insurance, e-commerce, finance, real estate, and medical care.


In-Cabin ready made datasets


In-Cabin voice interaction datasets


Nexdata currently has 10,000 hours of high-quality voice data set in the vehicle environment, covering multiple races, navigation, phone, car control and other fields, multiple recording angles such as profile, top view, upward view, far and near end, audio and video, etc. Modality can provide very good help for the optimization of speech recognition technology.


In-Cabin visual interaction datasets


Nexdata currently has multiple types of in-cabin visual data sets such as driving behavior, gesture recognition, and identity verification, covering multiple shooting angles, multiple collection devices such as visible light and infrared binoculars, and evenly distributed collection categories such as vehicle types and vehicle types at various lighting times.



Re-ID ready made datasets


Nexdata's own copyrighted Re-ID data covers white, black and yellow people with different age distributions, meeting the data diversity of different time periods, different cameras, different body orientations and postures.


OCR ready made datasets


Nexdata currently has 2 million typical OCR data sets, covering multi-lingual natural scenes, conference PPT, handwriting, bills, test papers and other OCR data. The collection equipment is diverse, and the writers meet the handwriting habits of various countries and regions, covering various types of data content.



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Event time: 12.1-12.31

Consultation hotline: +1(626) 594-5598

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