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Nexdata Data-supported Haomo AI Won Multiple Awards in WIDC 2021

From:Nexdata Date:2024-04-07

On May 23, the 5th World Intelligent Driving Challenge (WIDC) came to an end in Tianjin, China. Haomo Tsinghua University Beihang University United and Haomo Tsinghua University Lions won the first place and second place in the extreme challenge. Haomo Tsinghua University Lions, which is provided openMPD open-source data annotation by Nexdata, also won the first place in the perception group of the online simulation competition.

As key element of the World Intelligent Congress (WIC), the World Intelligent Driving Challenge is the world’s largest intelligent driving event, known for its high technical difficulty, strong credibility, and rigorous settings. It aims to provide an authoritative, fair and third-party platform for the technical progress of intelligent vehicles, the exchange of standards and regulations, and popularization of science for public consumption through practical and comprehensive evaluation of intelligent driving, information security and intelligent simulation.

The 2021 World Intelligent Driving Challenge set up a series of events such as Driving Assistance Competition, Landing First Race, Extreme Challenge, Intelligent Pilot Competition, Intelligent Driving Simulation Competition, and Information Security Challenge. The actual car race includes separate races for mass-produced cars and R&D prototype cars, which are carried out on urban circuits and high-speed circuits. The intelligent driving simulation competition and the information security challenge are held in a combination of online and offline methods, with preliminary and final contest. This competition set up competition items according to the level of intelligent vehicles, in order to restore the actual scenarios in high-speed driving and examine how the intelligent pilot system of mass-produced cars can help drivers drive safely. In addition, the competition applied the vehicle-road collaboration, vehicle-vehicle collaboration and high-precision maps. The driving assistance competition is aimed to L1-L2 intelligent vehicles, the landing first competition is aimed to L2-L3, and the extreme challenge is aimed to intelligent vehicles above L3.

As global data provider, Nexdata is committed to providing data solutions for intelligent driving. We provides off-the-shelf datasets, data collection and annotation services. We believe that large scale high-quality training data can empower the innovation of intelligent driving technology through the improvement of the accuracy of AI models.

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