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Nexdata Won 4 Gaogong Intelligent Car Golden Globe Awards

From:Nexdata Date: 2024-04-07

The 5th Gaogong Intelligent Automobile Developers Conference with theme “Breakthrough & Refactoring” was held in Shanghai from November 25–27, 2021. Mr. He Hongling, COO and Vice President of Nexdata, presented the conference with the topic “Improving Intelligent Driving with the Power of Data Flywheels”. He pointed out the importance of data to intelligent driving technology and introduced Nexdata’s data solutions in intelligent driving scenes.

The flywheel is a wheel with great inertia, which requires much force to push it. But once it moves, we only need very small force to maintain its continuous rotation. The same is with the “data flywheel”. We need large volume of high-quality data to launch it in the early stage, but it’s launched, we can continue to optimize the algorithm, and we will pull other competitors far away. Mr. He said in his presentation.

Data is an important weapon for achieving more mature intelligent driving technology. Improving the performance of AI models is inseparable from a large amount of high-quality, multi-scenario, and multi-dimensional training data. With the development of intelligent driving technology and the commercial application, the role of data will continue to grow and become an important factor affecting intelligent driving technology.

Since its establishment, Nexdata has been deeply involved in the field of AI data services, accumulated rich experience, and deeply understands the importance of high-quality data to the AI industry. Nexdata has accumulated 200,000 hours of speech data, 800TB of image and video data and 2 billion pieces of data, to support the innovation of intelligent driving technology.

Nexdata also support customized data collection and labeling services through intelligent data labeling platform. Nexdata has developed 26 sets of data labeling templates, which can meet various data labeling requirements of voice, image, text, video, and point cloud and etc. In the field of multi-sensor fusion in the intelligent driving, Nexdata provides data labeling services, such as semantic segmentation, 3D point cloud, and multi-line segment labeling, to meet the customers’ diversified data labeling needs.

As a leader in the field of AI data, Nexdata’s data products, data labeling services and AI data solutions have been widely recognized by the industry. The 2021 Gaogong Intelligent Car Golden Globe Awards were announced at the Gaogong Intelligent Automobile Developers Conference. Nexdata was recognized with 4 awards of the Golden Globe Awards, including Intelligent Networking Innovation Enterprise TOP 100, Leading Supplier of Data Services of the Year, Annual Benchmark Product (Data Service), and Commercial Vehicle TOP 50.

For a long time, the Golden Globe Award has become a benchmark of technological innovation and brand influence. As a highly credible, influential and authoritative selection in the industry, Nexdata’s awards represent its breakthrough innovation ability and corporate development strength under industrial changes.

In the future, Nexdata will continue to provide high-quality AI training data, to support the development of more intelligent AI technology.