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German Speech Recognition Data

From:Nexdata Date:2024-04-02

German belongs to the Indo-European language family-Germanic language family-West Germanic branch. It is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxembourg and the autonomous province of Bolzano in Italy. It is written in the Latin alphabet.

The number of people who use German accounts for about 3% of the world's population. It is the sixth language in the world in terms of the number of countries used. It is also one of the world's major languages and the most widely used mother tongue in the European Union. According to the data of the European Language Management Center in September 2015, the number of German language speakers and German learners in the world is nearly 177 million, of which 95 million are native speakers.

For German speech recognition, Nexdata has developed several sets of German speech recognition datasets. These data are recorded by native German speakers, cover a variety of application scenarios, and facilitate the research of various German speech recognition tasks.

211 Hours - German Speech Data by Mobile Phone_Reading

The data set contains 327 German native speakers' speech data. The recording contents include economics, entertainment, news, oral, figure, letter, etc. Each sentence contains 10.3 words on average. Each sentence is repeated 1.4 times on average. All texts are manually transcribed to ensure the high accuracy.

351 People – German Speech Data by Mobile Phone_Guiding

The data were collected and recorded by 351 German native speakers with authentic accents. Recording devices are mainstream Android phones and iPhones. The recorded text is designed by professional language experts and is rich in content, covering multiple categories such as general purpose, interactive, vehicle-mounted and household commands. The recording environment is quiet and without echo. The texts are manually transcribed with a high accuracy rate. Recording devices are mainstream Android phones and iPhones.

1,796 Hours - German Speech Data by Mobile Phone

German audio data captured by mobile phone, 1,796 hours in total, recorded by 3,442 German native speakers. The recorded text is designed by linguistic experts, covering generic, interactive, on-board, home and other categories. The text has been proofread manually with high accuracy; this data can be used for automatic speech recognition, machine translation, and voiceprint recognition. 

535 Hours - German Speaking English Speech Data by Mobile Phone

1162 native German speakers recorded with authentic accent. The recorded script is designed by linguists and covers a wide domain of topics including generic command and control category; human-machine interaction category; smart home command and control category; in-car command and control category. The text is manually proofread to ensure high accuracy. It matches with main Android system phones and iPhone. The data set can be applied for automatic speech recognition, voiceprint recognition model training, construction of corpus for machine translation and algorithm research.

500 Hours – German Conversational Speech Data by Mobile Phone

The 500 Hours – German Conversational Speech Data collected by various mobile phones involved more than 750 native speakers and was developed with a proper gender ratio. Speakers would choose a few familiar topics from the given list and start conversations to ensure the dialogue's fluency and naturalness. The recording devices are various mobile phones. The audio format is 16kHz, 16bit, uncompressed WAV, and all the speech data was recorded in quiet indoor environments. All the speech audio was manually transcribed with text content. The start and end time of each effective sentence, speaker identification, gender, and other attributes are also annotated. The accuracy rate of sentences is 95%.