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Collecting Data for Multilingual Capabilities

From:Nexdata Date: 2024-04-02

The leading automotive software provider approached us for assistance in tackling the challenge of developing robust in-cabin speech recognition capabilities. Recognizing and accurately processing voice commands in various scenarios required a vast amount of speech data training. However, capturing the intricacies of different dialects, accents, and tones, as well as accounting for environmental background interference, presented a significant hurdle.


Our Solution

To address this challenge, we offered comprehensive natural speech data collection services that covered a wide range of scenarios and variations. With the guidance of our language experts, we efficiently collected speech data specific to each scenario across multiple languages and locations. Using professional equipment, we simulated diverse environmental settings without relying on scripted prompts, allowing for spontaneous voice data collection. Additionally, we engaged native speakers from multiple countries to ensure authentic simulations that accurately reflected the driver's emotional state and other relevant elements specific to the automotive industry.


The Result

By leveraging our data collection and annotation services, the company successfully expanded its speech recognition system to encompass over 30 languages. Our tailored approach enabled the company to overcome the challenges of training their system to comprehend diverse verbal commands for adjusting temperature, volume, navigation, phone functionalities, and equipment settings. The accuracy and effectiveness of their in-cabin speech recognition system were significantly improved, enhancing the overall user experience and customer satisfaction.


With our expertise in multilingual speech data collection and our commitment to delivering high-quality services, we helped the company unlock new opportunities in the global automotive market. By offering comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs, we empowered them to achieve their goals and stay at the forefront of speech recognition technology in the automotive industry.