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Powering Customer Engagement: AI Chatbot Revolution

From:Nexdata Date:2024-04-02

Company A is a leading cloud communications platform specializing in customer communications tools across various channels, including SMS, email, voice, WhatsApp Business, Messenger, and more. They empower businesses to communicate efficiently and effectively with their customers.


One of Company A's flagship products, Answers, is an omnichannel chatbot building platform that allows businesses to create AI chatbots in the cloud, enabling customer interactions on preferred channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, and more. Building chatbots on customers' preferred channels helps Company A's clients reduce customer service costs, provide round-the-clock support, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Customers seek interactions with businesses through channels that offer fast responses and convenience. Many customers prefer using chat apps like WhatsApp or Messenger to engage with businesses and find solutions to their problems. For most businesses, Answers serves as the first line of defense in resolving customer issues. If the AI chatbot cannot address the customer's problem, they are seamlessly connected to a human agent through Company A's Conversations product.


Company A aims to achieve chatbot containment and customer satisfaction while minimizing reliance on human agents, which can be costly.


The Challenge


Some of Company A's clients rely on their assistance to build the best possible versions of chatbots that meet customer demands. To accomplish this, Company A requires a vast amount of data. Crowdsourced data with global coverage and diverse intents is essential for training their machine learning models. However, the challenge for Company A with Answers was obtaining high-quality datasets within tight timelines. They needed datasets delivered quickly while ensuring thorough validation for accuracy.


Company A aimed to train their AI chatbots with a variety of customer intents, ensuring the chatbots can understand the underlying message intent regardless of how customers phrase their questions. To achieve this, Company A estimated the need for a large number of representative phrases per intent, covering every potential customer phrase with sufficient uniqueness. They required high-quality data promptly without compromising accuracy.


With customers across different industries worldwide, Company A required a data partner with a global reach to acquire diverse data in multiple languages and dialects.


The Solution


Company A explored various data providers to find a suitable partner and ultimately chose Nexdata for better results and higher-quality datasets.


To ensure successful training of chatbots, Company A and Nexdata initially focused on a few languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, and regional variations. For each language, Company A requested hundreds of utterances that aligned with specific intents. The main requirements were:


In the target language

Relevant to the provided intent (with a 95% threshold)

Fulfilling specific uniqueness criteria to avoid duplicates

To ensure high-quality data annotation, Nexdata:


Screened contributors for language proficiency

Collected 10% more utterances than needed to account for discards

Conducted manual, human quality assurance checks on annotations from a random sample

Checked the word count of utterances to ensure they were neither too long nor too short

Utilized machine learning-assisted smart validators to identify duplicate utterances and confirm the target language

Once the data achieved 95% relevance and passed the QA check, it was provided to Company A for training their AI chatbot model.


The Results


When Company A sought to prepare chatbots for their clients, they recognized the need for a significant amount of data. While they had previously handled data collection and annotation in-house for smaller projects, the process was slow with only one team member dedicated to data-related tasks.


By partnering with Nexdata, Company A achieved a significant reduction in time to deployment. They gained access to larger volumes of data and higher-quality datasets for training their models and deploying AI chatbots.


Company A also appreciated the support of Nexdata's Managed Services Team. By working with Nexdata, Company A had a dedicated point of contact for prompt assistance and project status updates, ensuring smooth collaboration, particularly when faced with tight deadlines.


Revolutionize your customer communications with our state-of-the-art AI chatbot training solution! Partnering with us enables access to high-quality, diverse data for training chatbots, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs. With our professional and experienced team, we can swiftly and accurately gather data in multiple languages and dialects. Experience faster time to deployment and benefit from a single point of contact through our Managed Services Team. Let's revolutionize customer communications together!