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Multilingual Data Collection Success Story

From:Nexdata Date:2023-09-19

A prominent global provider of automotive electronics software sought our expertise to furnish them with crucial audio language data for their in-vehicle speech recognition system.


At the heart of completing this system lay the imperative to proficiently comprehend and process voice commands. This speech data's adaptability to evolving speech patterns was paramount, considering the dynamic evolution of human speech. The spectrum of driver instructions encompassed a wide array of spoken expressions, encompassing tasks like regulating temperature, adjusting broadcast volume, issuing navigation directives, and initiating phone calls. The formidable challenge stemmed from the multifaceted nature of this training endeavor, involving a multitude of languages, dialects, and language standards. Our task revolved around generating an extensive repository of expressions that would serve as training data, spanning diverse content categories.


Devising the Solution


Drawing upon our robust resources, we expeditiously assembled a team of native speakers crucial for capturing a gamut of recordings across various scenarios. This endeavor was bolstered by a proficient text-to-speech (TTS) team tasked with ensuring stringent recording quality standards. To ensure the linguistic quality aligned with the automotive industry's standards, adept linguists were instrumental in overseeing language aspects.


Our data collection methodology was designed meticulously. During voice data collection, we presented participants with specific topics, steering clear of predetermined scripts. For instance, we'd prompt them to articulate actions like adjusting temperature without furnishing scripted cues. This approach ensured the capture of unscripted, spontaneous speech.


Furthermore, our text data collection encompassed meticulous scripts for capturing voice data involving fixed words. Simulating authentic driving scenarios lent an air of naturalness and authenticity to participant responses, making the data acquisition process more effective.


Delivering Results


Backed by our adept team's guidance and training, we successfully accumulated speech data that impeccably aligned with the client's requisites. Language diversity was rigorously upheld, culminating in our instrumental role in the company's swift development of over 40 language recognition systems. The amalgamation of voluminous, high-quality training data significantly bolstered the efficacy across all phases of model development.


In Summation


Our collaboration with the automotive electronics software leader exemplifies the triumphant convergence of expertise and innovation. Navigating the intricacies of multilingual, multi-dialectal speech data collection, we equipped the client to fortify their in-vehicle speech recognition system. The outcome—a seamlessly integrated, efficient, and linguistically diverse array of language recognition systems—underscores the transformative impact of meticulous data collection and linguistic prowess.